Think More about Yourself when Picking Holiday Gifts

A gift that reflects your own characteristics would be more appreciated by the recipient, according to these studies, as described in HBR Daily Stat:

"In an experiment, people had greater appreciation for the gift of a mug emblazoned with an image from the Louvre museum in Paris if they were informed that the giver was passionate about France, as opposed to England (5.83 versus 5.27 on a 1-to-7 appreciation scale). Four such studies demonstrate that recipients appreciate a gift more when it refers in some way to the giver's core characteristics, says a team led by Gabriele Paolacci of Erasmus University in the Netherlands. Thus you might have better luck selecting the “perfect gift” if you focus on your own, rather than the recipient’s, interests, the researchers suggest."

SOURCE: Give me your self: Gifts are liked more when they match the giver’s characteristics