The Best Workout For You

Have you seen the latest Apple iPhone TV 


 that centers on a fitness theme?

It seems the people who are big on the latest tech gadgets have been very busy shopping for fitness tracking devices (and apps) these days, hoping to get more out of their fitness routines.  Now that everyone gets all excited about working out, a question remains:

How do we keep ourselves motivated to exercise regularly?

One simple answer is:  Do what pleases you that gets you moving around, and often.

Say you are not gym-lovers or sports-inclined, there are plenty simple pleasures that double as workouts.

Go have a walk with your puppy around the block.  Hit the park for a casual ride on your old bike.  Sneak in some sit-ups while watching TV.  Go shoot some hoops.  And don't forget to put on your brand new tracking device!

Summer is here.  Get out there and have fun!

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